Onepure HLB Cartridge


Onepure HLB sorbent is made of N-vinylpyrrolidone-divinylbenzene copolymer resin particles, with specific mixture of hydrophilic hydrophobic groups, The material has a balanced hydrophilic and hydrophobic property. HLB can be used as a general-purpose sorbent, capacity even if it runs dry after conditioning and allowing for retention for a wide range of compounds with very high capacity.

•Suitable for wide application areas
•Highly wettable, no worry of bed dryness, rare breakthrough
•Highly recoveries, excellent reproducibility
•3 to 10 times higher adsorption capacity and loadability than C18-bounded silica gel
•Stable from pH 1 to 14

•Determnation of veterinary drugs, pesticides and mycotoxin in milk products
•Determination of residual antibiotics, catecholamines, and microcystins in foodstuff
•Determination of drugs, illicit drugs and their metabolites in blood, such as sertraline ibuprofen and heroin

Product Name Packaging Product No.
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges 30mg/1mL 100/Box OPHLB130
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges  100mg/1mL 100/Box OPHLB1100
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges  30mg/3mL 50/Box OPHLB330
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges   60mg/3mL 50/Box OPHLB360
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges  200mg/3mL 50/Box OPHLB3200
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges   500mg/3mL 50/Box OPHLB3500
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges   150mg/6mL 30/Box OPHLB6150
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges   200mg/6mL 30/Box OPHLB6200
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges  500mg/6mL 30/Box OPHLB6500
Onepure HLB SPE Cartridges   500mg/12mL 20/Box OPHLB12500

08 May 2019

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