Onepure MAX Cartridge


Onepure MAX sorbent is a Mixed-mode, monodisperse polystyrene-divinylbenzene resin particles grafted with aromatic quaternary ammonium groups. strong Anion-eXchange, reversed-phase, water-wettable polymer. Onepure MAX is selective for acids and stable in organic solvents.

•Wettable, rare breakthrough
•Stable from pH 1 to 14

•Determination of residual pesticides / veterinary drugs in foodstuff
•Analysis of drugs and drug metabolites in biological matrices
•Analysis of active ingredients in cosmetics

Product Name Packaging Product No.
Onepure  MAX SPE Cartridges,  30mg/1mL 100/Box OPMAX130
Onepure  MAX SPE Cartridges,  100mg/1mL 100/Box OPMAX1100
Onepure MAX SPE Cartridges,  30mg/3mL 50/Box OPMAX330
Onepure MAX SPE Cartridges,  60mg/3mL 50/Box OPMAX360
Onepure MAX SPE Cartridges,  200mg/3mL 50/Box OPMAX3200
Onepure MAX SPE Cartridges, 500mg/3mL 50/Box OPMAX3500
Onepure MAX SPE Cartridges, 150mg/6mL 30/Box OPMAX6150
Onepure MAX SPE Cartridges, 200mg/6mL 30/Box OPMAX6200
Onepure MAX SPE Cartridges,  500mg/6mL 30/Box OPMAX6500
Onepure  MAX SPE Cartridges,  500mg/12mL 20/Box OPMAX12500

30 January 2019

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