Onepure C18 Cartridges


Onepure C18 sorbent is packed with endcapped octadecyl-bounded silica gel particles and retains non-polar compounds by hydrophobic interactions. It can retain most organic compounds and is widely used in areas.

•High % carbon Load
•Fully endcapped surface coverage, reducing interference from basic and polar compounds
•Stable over a broader pH range
•Analysis of drugs, poisons, pollutants and their metabolites in biological matrices
•Separation of biomolecules such lipids, antibiotics, bile acids and saccharides
•Determination of mycotoxins such as fumonisins in foods
•Determination of preservatives in cosmetics and skin care products

Product Name Packaging Product No.
Onepure  C18 SPE Cartridges,   100mg/1mL 100/Box OPC181100
Onepure C18 SPE Cartridges ,   200mg/3mL 50/Box OPC183200
Onepure  C18 SPE Cartridges,   500mg/3mL 50/Box OPC183500
Onepure  C18 SPE Cartridges,   500mg/6mL 30/Box OPC186500
Onepure C18 SPE Cartridges,   1000mg/6mL 30/Box OPC1861000
Onepure C18 SPE Cartridges,   1000mg/12mL 20/Box OPC18121000
Onepure C18 SPE Cartridges,   2000mg/12mL 20/Box OPC18122000

30 January 2019

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