Onepure Florisil Cartridges


Onepure Pesticide grade Florisil is a selective adsorbent comprised of synthetic magnesium-silica gel. It’s strongly polar, extremely active, highly porous and able to retain low to moderate polar compounds such as chlorine-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing pesticides. It was used for AOAC, EPA and other methods designed for the separation of pesticide residues, internal secretion, oil, PCBs, PAHs, nitrogen compounds and antibiotic substances in hydrocarbons.

•Good retention for most pesticides
•Suitable for viscous samples

•Determination of chlorine-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing pesticides in foods.
•Determination of mycotoxins in foods

Product Name Packaging Product No.
Onepure  Florisil SPE Cartridges    100mg/1mL 100/Box OPFL1100
Onepure  Florisil SPE Cartridges     200mg/3mL 50/Box OPFL3200
Onepure  Florisil SPE Cartridges     500mg/3mL 50/Box OPFL3500
Onepure  Florisil SPE Cartridges     500mg/6mL 30/Box OPFL6500
Onepure  Florisil SPE Cartridges     100mg/6mL 30/Box OPFL61000
Onepure  Florisil SPE Cartridges   1000mg/12mL 20/Box OPFL121000
Onepure  Florisil SPE Cartridges    2000mg/12mL 20/Box OPFL122000

30 January 2019

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