QuEChERS Extraction Kits, EN Method


Onepure QuEChERS includes extraction pouches and 50 mL centrifuge tubes, ceramic homogenizers are optional.

The pouches contain anhydrous extraction salts. Among the mixture, MgSO4 is responsible for removing water in samples, while other components are responsible for maintaining appropriate pH to ensure the recoveries of alkaline-sensitive pesticides.

Application Product Name Size Packaging Product Number
EN Extraction Kit  4 g MgSO4 50 mL 50/Box OP050010-CT
(Extraction salts +50mL Tube ) 1 g NaCl
  1 g Trisodium Citrate
  0.5 g Disodium Citrate
EN Extraction Pouch 4 g MgSO4 50 mL 50/Box OPP4115-MP
1 g NaCl 
1 g Trisodium Citrate 
0.5 g Disodium Citrate

30 January 2019

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